Library-related job sites offering RSS feeds, here in alphabetical order. If you have suggestions for additional resources which would be appropriate here, please email You can also create feeds for many job sites that don't provide their own by using Ponyfish. If you're just looking for the RSS feed for job ads, grab that here.

Please note that these feeds are meant to be read in a newsreader like Bloglines and not in your web browser; if you click on these links, they will look strange. For direct links to library job websites, please choose from the right-hand menu options instead. If you are unfamiliar with using newsreaders, you can get started with Joy Weese Moll's "Bloglines for Librarians in Three (and a half) Easy Steps."

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ACRL/NY (both jobs and events)



Alliance Library System

The BanQ

Carleton College Employment

Chronicle of Higher Education

Colorado Library Jobline

Connecticut Library Jobs (Connecticut Library Consortium)

Denver Public Library Current Openings

Duke University Libraries

DuPage Library System Here & Now: Jobs and Careers


Foothills Library Association

Georgia State University Library

Indiana University SLIS Careers Feed

Librarian Jobs (LibWorm)

Library Support Staff Jobs

LORI Jobline



METRO Job Magnet


NJLA Job Hotline

OHIONET Job Announcements

SLA Career Center


St. Charles Public Library (IL)

SWON Libraries/Cincinnatti SLA

Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library

UNYSLA Job Listings

The Vermont Library Association: Jobs

Wisconsin Valley Library Service

Wislisjobs (Academic)

Wislisjobs (Public)

Wislisjobs (Special)

Job Seekers