Jul 01 2003

Editor’s Note, July 2003

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Each of us has a unique story to tell, a distinctly individual path we have followed to the world of librarianship. This issue’s contributors share some of their stories, giving us ideas for ways to enter different aspects of the field and a glimpse into the breadth of individual experiences it comprises.

If you’re interested in sharing your own experience with other librarians and library workers, ICT is seeking contributors to upcoming issues. Upcoming themes include:

November 2003 - Library Management

Possible topics: How do you succeed in a library management position? How do information professionals with backgrounds in specialties such as children’s librarianship, systems, archives move into managing others? How do you proceed as the only “professional” in a smaller library? How do you manage others without a library degree, and how do you interact with other managers in your institution? How do you successfully build a relationship with your own manager?

January 2004 - Balancing Career and Family

How do you balance your library career with your family responsibilities? Is a “female-dominated profession” really more family-friendly? How feasible are options like flex time and telecommuting in the current library environment? Is it possible to take time out for family and then return to the library world? How do you keep current in the profession during the time you step back?

Please send queries to editor@lisjobs.com, and see contributor guidelines. Newer writers welcome!

- Rachel

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