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Totally unrelated to library jobs -- but cool for libraries. I wrote this. If you've benefited from over the last 16 years, consider buying it for yourself, a friend, or your library. That is all :)

Now available! The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Couponing, published April 2012. What’s in it? Everything from…

  • Different types of coupons and how to use each most effectively, to
  • Stacking coupons to maximize savings
  • Earning money back from shopping trips
  • Saving money while shopping online
  • Couponing for special diets, including shopping for organics and allergen-free items
  • Organizing coupons—and organizing the stockpile of purchases
  • Finding the deals
  • To sharing couponing bounty with others — and more!

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Couponing packs everything I know about couponing into one step-by-step guide, for those of you who are newer to the process, who want a handy reference, or who are dipping into different areas such as apps, online savings, or shopping for organics or other special diets. I hope this also helps those of you who have wanted to get your friends and family into couponing — just refer them to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to help them get started!